There are many reasons why Integrated Townships are fast becoming known as the optimal new age residential format. From the warmth and security of living in a vibrant community, to the sheer convenience of having everything close at hand, homebuyers in India are fast realizing that Township Living is the best way forward.

Forum is coming up with an Integrated Township in the heart of Rajarhat spread across 200 acres. In a world where each family member is pulled in a different direction for work, and when spending quality time with family and friends has become a luxury, this Integrated Township will offer a brilliant platform wherein all possible social interaction stages are available within a few hundred meters of one another and no matter how busy people are, there is always time for a quick walk down to the community centre for a coffee, a game of table tennis or a spot of retail therapy.

  • 200 acres.
  • Mixed Use Development.


Forum Park View

Forum Township Rajarhat Gallery